Homeopathic Treatments for Sciatica

Pulsatilla and Aconite for Sciatica

For those with a more mild form of sciatica that is accompanied with fatigue, the homeopathic treatment known as pulsatilla should be used. This treatment works especially well for those who have aching pain that affects the hips and the loins. Those who will benefit from pulsatilla often have a feeling of heaviness in the legs that can sometimes make it difficult or uncomfortable to walk.

Another homeopathic treatment, known as aconite, should be used for those who have sciatica that is brought on by exposure to cold temperatures. This treatment works best for those with a numbness that affects the legs, that is often accompanied with a pricking-like pain, which tends to worsen throughout the night. Those who will benefit from aconite often have a tingling sensation that occurs in the affected area of the nerve.

Nux Vomica and Belladonna for Sciatica

The homeopathic treatment known as nux vomica should be taken by those who have sciatica that is characterized with sudden, sharp pains that are accompanied with sudden twitching or jerking of the affected legs. This treatment works best for those who have pain that is very severe and tends to change positions along the legs. Those who will benefit from nux vomica often have a sharp pain that shoots through the leg into the foot. It’s also common for those who will benefit from nux vomica to have legs that feel stiff.

Belladonna is a homeopathic treatment that should be taken by those who have sciatica that is accompanied with inflammation. Belladonna works best for those who have pain that tends to come on very suddenly. Those who will benefit from this treatment, according to health magazine optinghealth, often have pain that worsens when they try to change positions when lying in bed at night and feel pain when anything even lightly touches the affected area.

Homeopathic treatments can be very effective in helping to relieve sciatica. However, these treatments should not be used to replace medical attention and any necessary medical treatment. It’s important to treat the underlying cause of sciatica, rather than just focus on relieving the pain.

Marbury v Madison Facts – Who is he?

Marbury v. Madison has gone a long way in the establishment of the judicial review power. This occurred in the Supreme Court of the United States. The mentioned power was extended after a while throughout the entire courts of the federal. This is also responsible in authorizing the judiciary of the federal to have certain laws enacted. This was true as far as the Congress is concerned. There are various Marbury v Madison Facts that would claim how responsible the person is in the review of the said law which was later on enacted by that of the Congress. The president also participated in this. This is ideal in the invalidation of the Constitution’s violence.

nkspkZi8Zr3q3P7bjX1G6rZt.jpeg (1071×634)

Since then, the judicial review is given the power allowing the federal courts to have government officials compelled in taking action anchored with constitutional principles. This is true for the case of the Supreme Court. It was done during that specific time when President Richard M. Nixon was involved in the releasing of tapes about the conversations which transpired in the White House with regard to the scandal series which started the stealing in the Democratic Party. This was held in the national headquarters which was situated exactly in the office complex way back in June 1972.

The review later on empowered the courts to give their reaction and decision to most of the legal issues that have to be given attention on. This may be feasible for as long as it is touched within that of the provision of the federal constitution. Aside from this, the judicial review also exercised, in a routine that is, the asking of questions concerning that of the federal. As compared to the judicial power of the federal, which has been originally derived from that of Marbury, the state power which the judicial review enjoys so much has been derived from a particular express of provision. This involves the state constitution itself.

Political struggles have been realized by Marbury ever since. There has been an outgrow of it as other people would like to pull and call it. This has been the case most especially in terms of the Federalist and even the parties of the Republican. This stayed true most especially in the late 18th to the early 19th century. This was directed towards the United States alone. Most of the struggles began as a dispute between that of the Anti-Federalists and the Federalists. These are all concerned over the Constitution’s ratification.

Most of the Federalists, who also include Alexander Hamilton, and as well as John Jay made sure to support the Constitution’s ratification. This is done as a mean of the creation of a strong national government. This would somehow replace the central government feeble. This concerned the central government which was designed and formed under the confederation articles. Lots of Federalists around there also believed in the contribution of having a government which is strong enough. This is said to be necessary in the promotion of economic grown and even the expansion of geography eventually.

Allosaurus facts – What kids need to know?

Kids today oath to learn the cool facts about Allosaurus.  There are many of them and they can be interesting indeed, that is for sure. This carnivore would always be big. Their teeth would always be sharp. These are always the Allosaurus facts written all over the place. This large dinosaur happened to exist 150 million years ago. This carnivore was big enough. There were evidences suggesting that they were responsible in attacking Stegosaurus. This was said to be heavier than the earlier mentioned dinosaur.

More facts about Allosaurus

This Allosaurus got to survive 150 million years ago, as mentioned. This occurred in that of the late period of the Jurassic era. Its name generally means Allosaurus. This symbolizes a different lizard. Basically, this was described by scientists who really want to learn what they really are about. One good example of which is Othniel Marsh, in the year 1877, he gave the dinosaur its name. This was also coupled with a direct description which was released in the same year too. These fossils, well at least most of them, lie always in the Morrison Formation.  There is a sedimentary rock which was just there in the western part of the United States. Needless to say, all of Allosaurus come with their large skull. The head and the body were then balanced enough. These were for heavy and long tail. Synonymous to that of Tyrannosaurs rex, Allosaurus also became famous because of the length of its arms.

latest (1147×595)

Most of the researches done suggest that the length of the Allosaurus, well average of it at least, measures for around 8.5 meters, and it also weighed 2.3 a ton. This Allosaurus was a certified carnivore. It means that it eats meat. It also features sharp, big teeth in which the edges are comparable to saws. They have always been an active predator. There is also visible evidence saying that they once have Stegosaurus attacked under attacked.

The skeleton of Allosaurus, well at least one of it, was found. This occurred in the year 1991. Almost 95% of such was retrieved. This was made possible because of Wyoming. This happened in the United States. It was given a nickname Big Al. The skeleton was used as an instrument for most scientists to have the dinosaur studied even more. Since then, many books featured the creature. It really turned out to be a popular one. The same is also true with films and documentaries all over. This was also included in the book of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the year 1912. The Lost World and then there was also series which was termed Walking with Dinosaurs.

Most of the studies conducted would say that Allosaurus is one of the first dinosaurs discovered. There are lots of fossils that would support such claim. This is the main reason why they are taken as the darling of most paleontologists. The same is also true with a ton of observers out there of amateur dinosaur. The theropod may have a lot to say on this. This is also one.

Homeopathy to Help Treat Acne

Acne occurs when the pores of the skin become clogged. The pores become clogged because each pore contains a follicle, which contains both an oil gland and a hair. The oil glands work to help lubricate the skin, as well as help to remove old skin cells. Sometimes the glands produce too much oil though, which causes it to become clogged and begin to collect bacteria, debris and dirt. Acne causes blackwhites, whiteheads and inflamed red lesions on the skin (often known as zits or pimples).
Acne more commonly appears on the face, but is also fairly common on the chest, shoulders, buttocks, arms and legs. Acne usually occurs during puberty, but is also a common problem for adults as well. Acne can be caused by many other factors, such as menstruation, pregnancy, oil-based cosmetics, certain prescription drugs (especially estrogen, steroids and testosterone) and frequent sweating.
The most important part of treating and preventing acne is a healthy skin care regimen, but often times this alone is not enough. Some people take over the counter medications and prescription drugs to help with their acne, but this is usually just for more extreme cases of acne. For many people there are some natural medicines that can be used to help with acne, such as homeopathy. Different types of homeopathic medicines help to treat certain types of acne.

Homeopathic-remedy-derived-from2.jpg (4272×2848)

Calcarea Sulphurica and Hepar Sulphuris for Acne
The homeopathic medicine known as calcarea sulphurica should be taken by those with acne that is accompanied with a yellow colored discharge in the areas of skin affected by acne. Calcarea sulphurica works especially well for those that have chronic acne or cystic acne.
The homeopathic medicine known as hepar sulphuris (also known as hepar sulphuris calcareum) should be taken by those that have acne that is pus filled and is painful to touch. This treatment works especially well for those with skin lesions that tend to feel relief with warm applications.
Ledum Palustre for Acne
The homeopathic remedy known as ledum palustre should be taken by those that have pustular acne that affects the nose and cheek area. This treatment works especially well for those that feel relief with cold applications.
Homeopathy is a good way to help treat acne, but should always be used along with a proper skin care regimen. Homeopathy should also never be used to replace any prescription drugs that are being taken for more severe forms of acne.

Best Phiaton Headphones


Phiaton Chord MS 530Phiaton Chord MS 530

Phiaton presents the Chord MS 530 with superior sound quality featuring Bluetooth 4.0 and active noise cancelling technology. In all genres of music, whether it is pop, rock, jazz, or classical, the perfect combination of chords bring melody to a song. The Chord MS 530 also has the perfect combination of cutting edge technology, unique design, and exceptional sound quality to bring harmony to your ears.

The Phiaton Moderna Series, known for its bold styling, modern aesthetics and world class sonic performance, embraces a new evolution, now known as the M-Series. The exceptional M-Series signifies all of the qualities encompassed in the Moderna Series’ past, present, and future. Phiaton’s M-Series advancements will exceed every expectation with the highest standards in design, sound quality, technology, engineering, and comfort.

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Phiaton MS 400Phiaton MS 400

MS 400 Moderna Series headphones are engineered with a carbon fiber enclosure for accurate response, concert hall sound quality, and elimination of any sound leakage. MS 400’s closed-ear design promotes greater noise reduction than traditional headphones. To ensure better resonance values, deep rich bass, a full-bodied midrange, and sparkling high notes, the carbon is encased in a high polymer enclosure.

Hear the finer music details for the ultimate listening experience at home, in the office or on your travels. Flexible ‘fold and go’ headphones fit conveniently into a compact carrying case for travel.

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Phiaton Fusion MS 430Phiaton Fusion MS 430

Phiaton Headphones, known for their eye catching design, high-quality materials, and authentic sound reproduction has set a new precedent with the latest addition to the M-Series. Exquisite genuine carbon fiber, intricate detail with titanium anodized aluminum and red accents, and richly-padded earcups are fused together with newly developed 40mm drivers to create powerful, sonic-sounding headphones unlike any other.

Every detail in the Fusion MS 430 Headphones was skillfully combined from the perforated headband design to the hidden red accents behind the carbon fiber enclosure. The Phiaton driver technology completes the synthesis, providing rich bass, full-bodied midrange, and sparkling high notes. This mechanical beauty was constructed by fusing together brilliant materials along with the sound technology to deliver a powerful, aesthetically resilient headphone. Become fused with your music with the Fusion MS 430.

The Phiaton Moderna Series, known for its bold styling, modern aesthetics and world class sonic performance, embraces a new evolution, now known as the M-Series. The exceptional M-Series signifies all of the qualities encompassed in the Moderna Series’ past, present, and future. Phiaton’s M-Series advancements will exceed every expectation with the highest standards in design, sound quality, technology, engineering, and comfort.

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Phiaton MS 300Phiaton MS 300

The Phiaton MS 300 Moderna Series headphones feature a double shelled carbon fiber enclosure and optimized airflow to convey the subtle layers of your music with acoustic impedance control for rich bass and smooth sound at your preferred listening volume. The closed ear design promotes optimal delivery of sound to your inner world, while keeping external noise outside your space.

The ultra strong, yet lightweight, Moderna headphones have a comfortable, compact on-ear fit with a flexible ‘fold and go’ design that fits headphones conveniently into a compact carrying case for easy travel.

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Phiaton PS 210Phiaton PS 210

Lightweight earphones plug conveniently in to your iPhone, iPod, laptop, MP3, CD or DVD player. Enjoy the deep bass and high definition sound quality that is pure Phiaton. Ergonomically designed to fit just outside the ear canal, PS 210 earphones provide a comfortable fit for hours of listening enjoyment wherever you go.

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Phiaton PS 320Phiaton PS 320

PS 320 s coaxial dual dynamic driver feature an optimized passive crossover network for wide frequency range with high definition sound; from sparkling high notes to deep bass response. Lightweight yet durable headphones are designed for comfortable wearability. Genuine leather ear cups and headband trim. Listen and enjoy your favorite jazz; rock; acoustic or classical music.

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Phiaton PS 20Phiaton PS 20

“MaxBass Reflex” Dual chamber structure delivers wide frequency response, commanding bass, and crisp high definition sound. Optimized airflow provides acoustic efficiency creating a more natural sound Ergonomically designed for superb comfort and fit. “Half In-Ear” hybrid earbud design combines the best features of both “In Ear” and “Open” earphones.Luxurious Glossy Finish Provides a Touch of Style and Class.

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Best AKG Headphones

AKG LogoAKG also manufactures a range of high-specification headphones. The K50 model, introduced in 1959 were the world’s first supra-aural and open-back headphones. The K1000 was the flagship model, but is no longer being produced. It was an open back dynamic headphone.

The current flagship models for the AKG headphone line-up are the K701/K702/Q701, which are nearly identical. The K702 features a removable cord and is black, the K701 is white. The Q701 also has a detachable cable and comes in three color variants: white, black, and a lime green. All three models are still in production. The K701s have been largely used by professional musicians and technicians in recording studios.

Many top recording studios use AKG K240 headphones as a solution for best general use for both monitor and playback. They received particular notoriety from their prominent display in Eddie Murphy’s 1985 music video for “Party All the Time” (which features the K240 Monitor).

Another notable, yet short-lived model was the K280 Parabolic – a multi-driver headphone which focused compression waves to a central point in the earcup.


The K845 BT offers AKGs reference sound quality in a sleek wireless package, providing instant connectivity via NFC to a wide range of Bluetooth enabled smartphones and other portable devices.The ear cups luxuriously cushioned to enable comfortable long-listening sessions and feature acoustic dampening which further extends bass response from the two 50mm (2 inch) drivers.

Controls are conveniently located on the ear cups, while a cable is also provided for wired connection to other devices that arent Bluetooth enabled.The AKG K845 BT headphones are powered by a Lithium battery which provides up to 8-hours wireless music enjoyment and is charged via a mini USB to USB charging cable so youll never be out of juice.

Specially-selected 50mm drivers and a closed-back design works together to deliver precision sound with superior acoustic dampening and enhanced bass response.

NFC connectivity allows you to get in touch with other Bluetooth-enabled devices including most smartphones in an instant.Ease of useControl buttons conveniently located on the ear-cup allow you to command your sound effortlessly.

The K845BTs super-soft, protein leather ear cushions allows for long-term listening without any fatigue or lack of listening pleasure.Foldable, Portable, SecureA 2D Axis folding mechanism allows the K845BTs to fit into a carrying case for those few occasions when youre not able to be listening but want to take

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AKG K545AKG K545

With 50mm drivers and a closed-back design, these AKG K545 K545BLK over-the-ear headphones deliver powerful audio with enhanced bass response and acoustic dampening. Two 3.9′ cables with in-line remotes and microphones enable flexible connectivity.

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AKG K 701AKG K 701

There are houses, and then there are mansions; there are cars, and then there are Bentleys, There are headphones, and then there are AKG K 701s — get the idea?

AKG K 701s aren’t for everybody, only people who demand the best performance from their phones and absolutely will not compromise on sound quality. If that’s you, then prepare to be throughly satisfied. From the first time you feel their luxurious 3D-Form ear pads and self-adjusting cushioned leather headband, you’ll be throughly impressed by the exquisite craftsmanship and appreciable build quality. And that’s before you plug them in.

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AKG K702

AKG K702

The K702’s are reference, open, over-ear studio headphones for precision listening, mixing and mastering. They combine an extremely accurate response with agility and spaciousness. This is achieved by using revolutionary flat-wire voice coils and a patented Varimotion two-layer diaphragm. A totally open design and a high-performance cable complete these reference headphones.

The K702’s comfortable, specially shaped 3D-foam ear pads and a padded genuine-leather headband ensure a perfect fit. They provide a professional mini XLR connector for quick replacement of the cable. The K702s are individually tested and serial-numbered.

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AKG K550AKG K550

The K 550s deliver excellent sound quality, with a 50mm driver, the largest AKG offers in its headphone line. Thanks to their closed-back design, true AKG sound can be enjoyed without disturbing others. The K 550s’ large ear cups and newly designed headband offer an amazingly comfortable fit. 2D-axis folding mechanism for easy storage at home. A reference class headphone at an attractive price.

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The newly designed AKG K551 headphones are optimized for a fully immersive listening experience and for comfort. Starting with a 2-inch (50-millimeter) driver on each ear, these reference-class headsets use Real Image Engineering to create a highly realistic sound environment with a true sense of dimensional space.

Lightweight, with a comfortable fit, AKG K551 headphones have incredible passive noise reduction and extremely low sound leakage levels that will keep you living blissfully inside your sound environment for hours on end.

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AKG K 601AKG K 601

“Precisely tailored response and cutting-edge design: a must for all audiophiles. These future-oriented, open-back dynamic headphones do not only offer good wearing comfort but also deliver an incredibly detailed, full, yet crisp sound.

This is the result of a new AKG Varimotion two-layer diaphragm that ensures optimum diaphragm motion for extremely accurate highfrequency response and a powerful low end. The overall sound is uncommonly natural and open. In short, the K 601 are premium reference headphones for anyone who appreciates true high-end equipment.”

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AKG Q 701AKG Q 701

The AKG Q701 reference-class premium headphones represent a momentous partnership with AKG and one of the most accomplished musicians of the 20th century: Quincy Jones, an American icon whose productions include the best-selling album (Thriller) and single (“We Are the World”) of all time.

Quincy has received an unprecedented 79 GRAMMY nominations and 27 GRAMMY awards, more than any other living artist. It stands to reason that the headphones he puts his name to must be nothing but the very best, and the Q701s are the most accurate and responsive headphones AKG has ever produced. Reference denotes a class of audio equipment that imparts little to no change to the input audio signal, producing a huge, airy, three-dimensional sound.

The over-ear headphones feature revolutionary flat-wire voice coils that create a spacious, dramatic soundstage with precise 360-degree imaging and outstanding transient response. Patented two-layer diaphragms similar to their professional studio counterparts offer sparkling high-frequency sound and accurate bass response. Additionally, a high-performance neodymium magnet system makes the headphones heat-resistant for minimal distortion at any listening level. The Q701s deliver pinpoint imaging with unmatched realism. Says Quincy, “This is the best quality sound I’ve heard in headphones, ever. And I’m proud my name is on them.”

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AKG K391 NC in-ear headphones turn a noisy space into a private concert or screening. Compact and easy to travel with, these noise-cancelling, in-ear headphones will make anything from a crowded airplane to a subway seem downright peaceful while delivering powerful, detailed sound directly to your ears. We’ve included a premium carrying bag, and an in-line microphone allows you to answer calls.

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K 840 KL headphones use advanced Kleer® wireless technology to stream lossless, CD-quality audio over the air from your iPod, iPhone or other portable music player.

Unlike wireless technologies that degrade the sound, the Kleer system delivers pure, uncompressed 16-bit stereo audio over a robust 2.4GHz radio link, so you’ll hear much more of your music with much less interference.And with an operating range of more than 20m and battery life of up to two weeks in normal use, the K 840 KLs go farther and play longer than any of their wireless competitors.

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Best Urbanears Headphones

Urban Ears Logo

UrbanEars PlattanUrbanEars Plattan

The Urbanears Plattan headphones are all about style, which unfortunately doesn’t leave much room for great sound in this case. Beware of mushy bass, nasally mids, and an absence of clarity.

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URBANEARS 04090708 ZinkenURBANEARS Zinken

Developed with the professional DJ in mind, with respect to the wallet of the unpaid amateur, Zinken is chock-full of handy features that you never even knew you needed, like the dual-duty TurnCable and ZoundPlug. Designed for maximum comfort, the Zinken features swivel ear caps, an adjustable headband and specially selected materials that do not absorb sweat and odors.

These headphones are designed to thrive in a DJ environment, but also excel at day-to-day use. 40mm Dual Diaphragm Drivers Frequency Response – 20Hz-20kHz Impedance – 85O Sensitivity – 98dB Max Input Power – 50mW

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UrbanEars TantoUrbanears Tanto

Urbanears Tanto Compact On-Ear Stereo Headphones (Grape).

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Best Audio-Technica Headphones

Audio-Technica Corporation, established in 1962 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a company that designs and manufactures professional wired and wireless microphones, headphones, phonographic magnetic cartridges, and other audio equipment. One of their most famous products was a battery-operated, portable record player called Mister Disc that was sold in the U.S. in the early 1980s.

Audio-Technica has been supplying all the microphones for the Grammy Awards for the last 10 years, as well as completely kitting out TV shows like the American version of Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions, as well as the Olympic and winter Olympic games in 1996, 2000, 2002 and 2004.

Audio Technica Logo

Audio Technica ATH W5000Audio Technica ATH W5000

Striped ebony housing provides superb acoustic characteristics. Ear pads cushioned in leather feature A-T’s ultra-comfortable total ear fitting design. 53mm drivers, equipped with neodymium magnet systems designed exclusively for the W5000. Driver unit incorporates a Permendur magnetic circuit with exceptional magnetic characteristics. High-quality 8N-OFC (oxygen free copper) voice coils for ultra-efficient signal transfer. Frequency Response 5 – 45,000 Hz. Lightweight magnesium alloy frame.

Double Air Damping System for deep bass reproduction. 3D wing support provides stable, comfortable fit. Y-cable features elastomer sheath that helps prevent tangles. Gold-plated 1/4″ stereo connector provides exceptional corrosion resistance, superb conductivity, low noise. Includes padded, protective hard-shell case for safe, convenient storage and cable storage bag

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Audio Technica ATH-A2000XAudio Technica ATH-A2000X

Stop chasing for the true crystal-clear sound — the new ATH-A2000X from Audio-Technica will satisfy your need for remarkable playback quality. The titanium housing is specially designed to support acoustic quality. The headphones feature a new developed 53 mm driver that produces a wide range of playback frequencies. The original 3D wing support has always provided outstanding long-wearing comfort. ATH-A2000X is one of the best Art Headphones for home theater systems.

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Audio Technica ATH-W1000XAudio Technica ATH-W1000X

Pure American black cherry wood reproduces magnificent natural playback. 3D wing support for a great fit and long-wearing comfort. Large 53mm aperture drivers feature specially built 2-part magnetic circuits that produce high speed magnetic streams for improved sound quality. 6.3 mm gold-plated stereo plug with high elastic Elastomer sheath and PC-OCC conductor cord . Frequency response: 5Hz – 42kHz . Includes 1/4-Inch gold-planted wooden plug

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Audio Technica ATH-CK100PROAudio Technica ATH-CK100PRO

An ultimate balanced armature headphones for expressing all ranges with perfect performance.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50s-LEAudio-Technica ATH-M50s/LE

To celebrate Audio-Technica’s 50th Anniversary, A-T has introduced the Audio Technica ATHM50SLE Limited Edition Studio Monitor Headphones. Designed especially for professional monitoring and mixing, the ATHM50SLE studio headphones feature an efficient collapsible design for space-saving portability and storage. Circumaural ear pieces swivel 180 degrees for easy one-ear monitoring and luxuriously padded ear cushions create an outstanding seal for maximum isolation.

These limited edition headphones also feature an adjustable headband that is generously padded for ultimate comfort during long mixing sessions. A straight cable at the left earpiece terminates to a gold-plated mini-plug with included screw-on 1/4-Inch adapter. Audio-Technica’s sophisticated driver technology and superior components deliver exceptional power handling and very high SPL capabilities while maintaining clarity of sound throughout their extended range, with deep, accurate bass and outstanding high-frequency extension. The ATHM50SLE Limited Edition Studio Monitor Headphones feature proprietary large-aperture drivers with neodymium magnet systems for ultra-efficient signal transfer.

[amzn_product_inline asin=’B006L404KU’]

Audio Technica ATH-ANC9Audio Technica ATH-ANC9

Audio-Technica’s ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint headphones use proprietary active noise-cancelling technology to provide a comfortable listening environment in areas with high ambient noise. Delivering noise cancellation up to a remarkable 95%, the ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint headphones feature Audio-Technica’s new Tri-Level Cancellation. Mode 1, ideal for use on airplanes, trains and buses, applies maximum noise cancellation to low frequencies.

Mode 2, designed especially for use in noisy offices or crowded places, targets the mid-range frequencies, while Mode 3 creates a pristine, peaceful environment ideal for study. The headphones feature four miniature microphones, two in each earpiece, that pick up ambient noise and create a sound-cancelling signal to effectively block the noise. The ATH-ANC9 headphones also offer a cable with an inline microphone and controller for answering calls and controlling music.

The mic and controller support select products, including iPhones, iPads, and many iPods. The microphone has an omnidirectional pickup pattern and it is designed for crisp intelligibility, so your voice will be clearly transmitted without having to speak directly into the mic. These headphones are designed to offer you crystal-clear sound that makes Audio-Technica the choice of leading artists worldwide. Wherever you happen to find yourself-in the comfort of your living room, in a noisy office, or settling in for a long flight-there is no better way to experience audio or immerse yourself in a peaceful environment.

[amzn_product_inline asin=’B007KWLF5K’]

Audio Technica ATH-AD900XAudio Technica ATH-AD900X

Designed to deliver extraordinary sound quality to satisfy the most discriminating listeners, the ATH-AD900x is ideal for music lovers who prefer the spacious quality of open-back headphones that combine involving sound with long-wearing comfort.

The ATH-AD900x features large 53 mm drivers exclusively designed for the headphones, with rare-earth magnets and Audio-Technica’s copper-clad aluminum-wire (CCAW) voice coil technology for superior audio reproduction with an extremely wide 5 Hz – 35,000 Hz frequency response.

The ATH-AD900x offers an immersive listening experience with clear, natural vocal and instrumental reproduction, a smooth tonal balance, precise imaging and superlative dynamic range. The headphones offer a uniquely comfortable fit thanks to their generously cushioned ear pads, lightweight honeycomb aluminum casing and exclusive 3D Wing Support Housing, which adjusts itself perfectly to each wearer.

[amzn_product_inline asin=’B009S331VU’]

Audio-Technica ATH-WS99Audio-Technica ATH-WS99

Hear the depth of bass you’ve been missing in your music. The ATH-WS99 Solid-Bass headphones deliver incredibly full and textured bass, along with the astonishing clarity and fidelity for which Audio-Technica is renowned. A-T’s innovative Double Air Chamber System extends bass response without compromising mid- and high-frequency content.

Precision machined aluminum housing eliminates undesired vibrations for powerful sound reproduction. The headphones feature 53 mm drivers for powerful sound and efficient signal transfer. The headphones come equipped with two 2.6-ft. (0.8 m) extension cables, one with an inline mic, playback and volume controls for smartphones and other compatible devices.

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Audio Technica ATH-CKM1000Audio Technica ATH-CKM1000

Our absolute best in-ear headphones deliver truly professional performance for the most demanding listener. Equipped with exclusive Permendur* magnetic circuitry, our largest in-ear 14 mm drivers, and titanium-forged body, these headphones will surprise and delight.

Nothing is spared, including a double-shielded, low-noise cable and aluminum sleeve plug. If you’re looking for the best in-ear headphones money can buy, look no further than the pro grade, ultra rugged ATH-CKM1000s.

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Audio-Technica ATH-ES7Audio-Technica ATH-ES7

The Audio Technica ATHES7 Headphones blend an ultra-sleek contemporary stainless steel design and outstanding acoustic performance. This fold-flat design delivers impactful sound, exceptional isolation, efficient signal transfer, and a secure, comfortable fit.

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Best Parrot Headphones

Parrot Logo

Parrot ZikParrot Zik

Listening to music and being insulated from external noise are features that more and more Smartphone users are looking for. Parrot has designed the perfect solution to address these desires, introducing wireless headphones that act as an extension of your Smartphone. Like your Smartphone, ZIK has integrated a sensitive touch panel, giving hyper-intuitive access to the various features available.

For optimum listening comfort while on the phone, ZIK is equipped with two technologies for pinpointing the sound of your voice. Combined with the use of a double microphone, the bone detection sensor detects and analyzes the vibrations of the jaw in order to detect only your words and remove any background noise.

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Best Audeze Headphones

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Audeze Lcd-3Audeze Lcd-3

When we started designing the LCD-3 professional reference headphones, the goal was very clear, it must be the best. No compromise when it comes to the quality of sound. It provides the highest level of audio quality, unsurpassed bass extension, exceptional treble and the best mid-range.Innovations Every Day. Audez’e aspires to deliver extraordinary products through research.

The LCD-3 is packed with many innovative technologies and new approaches. The all new LOTUS diaphragm that uses a special alloy for conductive traces gives us greater control, lower distortion. Translation – Music that sounds like original studio recordings. Overview Nothing matches the warmth and sheer luxury of natural wood. The Zebra Wood (Zebrano) with its intense color variation that ranges from light to dark complements the LCD-3s and was chosen specifically for its appearance. Very soft lambskin earpads that are gently sloped create a very realistic soundscape.

The headphones come with both single ended and balanced cables and a choice of wood or travel carrying cases. Return Policy: You have 30 days to return the LCD-3. All items must be in new condition and the return results in a 15% restocking fee and the customer pays for return shipping charges. 

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Audeze Lcd-2 Rev-2Audeze Lcd-2 Rev-2

The LCD-2 is the state of the art Planar Magnetic Headphone from Audez’e Inc. Every component of the LCD-2 is precision engineered with one goal in mind: Recreate the sound exactly like the artist intended. LCD-2 combines leading edge technology and development with knowledge, feedback and suggestions from an on-going dialogue with Sound Engineers and Audiophiles.

Transducer type: Dynamic. Operating principle: Semi-open. Planar Magnetic Transducers. Frequency response: 5 – 20khz, usable high frequency extension 50 KHz. Impedance: 60 Ω, nominal. Nominal SPL: 102 dB (1 mW / 500 Hz). T.H.D: < 1% at full output Maximum diaphragm excursion: 2.5mm p-p. Efficiency: 91 dB/1mW. Maximum output: 133dB, 15W. Custom designed Caribbean Rosewood earcups. Specially designed premium lamb skin leather earpads.

Diaphragm excursion of 2.5 mm p-p for very high SPL. Maximum output exceeds 130 dB. Left and rear transducers have matched sensitivity and frequency response within +/- 0.5 dB. Specially designed self closing, acoustically transparent magnetic structure with highest grade Neodymium magnets. Large diaphragm area creates plane sound waves that enter ear canals the same way as it happens in real environment. Transducer active diaphragm area: 6.17 square inches. Input cable: Custom cable with mini XLR connectors. Contact pressure: 1.5 N. Weight: 550 g, without cable. Features: Semi-open design. Leather Headband. Frequency response graph of the particular LCD-2. Woodbox for storage. Wood Care kit.

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