The 5 Best Wireless Headphones for TV and Game Consoles

Home life is now getting more and more complicated, despite how relatively easy daily tasks are getting. Even though you have some of the best entertainment systems out there, there is always a way to make that experience even better. This is why there have been so many companies that have stuck their claim for dominance in the wireless headphones market. The aim has always been to make a device so that it can support all possible formats. This includes you television, PC, tablet, and even your gaming consoles. Of course, like most other high tier equipment, some of the gear on offer can be a little pricey, so here are some of the best headphones you should look into when it comes to price to performance ratio.

Razer Kraken Pro5. Razer Kraken Pro

This is probably one of the best deals you can get in terms of gaming headphones. You see, the Razer company has built quite a reputation among gamers as a provider of high tier accessories. Of course, this violates the title a bit because this pair only allows wired connections, but at the same, the sacrifice is perfectly justified. The pair features great sound output and covers almost all ranges. From bass to treble, you can expect these headphones to perform awesomely regardless of what you put it through. At the same time, the microphone cuts clear and concisely, so your message you send will always be sent out with very little distortion. In terms of features, don’t expect much, but performance wise, the $80 price tag is completely justified.

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Bose AE2w4. Bose AE2w

Bose is another company that hasn’t been given enough love when it comes to sound quality and well designed headsets. The AE2w is one of the wireless headsets that demands a little more money that the usual fare, but at the same time $250 for this set is completely justified. The best feature the Bose boasts is the incredible comfort you get out of them. The headband is nicely padded so that it fits right on top of your head with no problem. It’s also adjustable, so it can almost fit all head sizes and each pad is made of foam, so your ears don’t suffer. The output rivals some of the top Sennheisser models out there, and the performance never changes as long as you stay within the designated distance.

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Sony Pulse Wireless Headset Elite Edition3. Sony Pulse Wireless Headset Elite Edition

Okay, the first warning you’re going to need is that this pair works best for Sony products. If you’re a huge Sony fan, then you should definitely have these headphones in your accessory library. The Pulse series has always been aimed at the people who love high quality sound without sacrificing function. It’s sort of unfortunate that this set works better with a certain line, because they outperform some of the more expensive sound devices out there. At the same time, these titans are very comfy and cover your head quite snugly without feeling too heavy. As expected of Sony, the sound is awesome, and performs admirably within the price bracket this device is located in. The Elite Edition also comes with a small mic, which is hidden but picks up sound very well. Again, Sony fanatics will surely get a kick of these headphones and they are priced at exactly $150.

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Parrot Zik2. Parrot Zik

There’s only one reason this pair isn’t taking the top slot on this list, and it’s mostly because it costs $370. If money isn’t an issue, then you should definitely pick up this pair because it provides top tier quality across all platforms. Featuring a huge and booming bass, along with beautifully done surround sound. These headphones were created for the listener with massive expectations out of their sound systems, and the Zik does not fail in any respect whatsoever. There’s also a lot of comfort to be had with these things as the padded cups are perfectly symmetrical with the rest of the headpiece. Lastly, it feels sturdy as a rock, but the price is what draws the line in the sand.

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Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Wrath1. Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Wrath

So what pair of headphones remain solidly affordable while providing a high quality listening experience? Well, Creative has been around for such a long time and has given the PC crowd so much in terms of sound devices, but now they have another gift to gamers. The Tactics3D Wrath provides almost the same sound quality as the Zik, but at the same time, it also offers a much better experience for cinema. The output sounds exactly like theater quality work and at the same time, the switch between devices is almost seamless. At the same time, the setup is pretty simple and very appealing to those that like that style. It has a USB receiver and an old school mic sticking out of the headset. The best part about the Tactics3D Wrath is that they are priced at around $150, so you won’t have to break the back just to get a pair.

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