The 5 Best AKG Headphones

AKG is one of the top brands when it comes to headphones. This American-owned, Austria-based manufacturer of audio electronics produces high specification headphones and is notable for introducing the world’s first supra-aural open-back headphones in 1959 called the K50. There are several professional recording studios that use AKG headphones for sound monitoring and playback. One of the company’s headphones, the K240 Monitor, prominently figured in the 1985 music video for “Party All the Time” by Eddie Murphy.

If you are looking for the best headphones manufactured by AKG, consider the following list as your guide. They are ranked based on their respective overall package, taking into account their quality, sound output, and value.

AKG Q3505. AKG Q350

The AKG Q350 line of earphones features an attractive lime-based color scheme. To some, they may seem gaudy buy they certainly are easily noticeable and striking. These earphones have notable beefy base and soundstage although some may complain about the unnatural treble sound. Also, the color and build quality seem to make the headphones feel cheap. The combination of some rubber and glossy plastic finish leave much to be desired. This nearly $80 unit seems to feel like a mere $20 device. Nevertheless, this “cheapness” is limited to the perception, though. The wires appear to be strong enough. It also helps that the AKG Q350 has the great Quincy Jones as its endorser; in the same manner other headphones have been associated with popular musicians like Dre for Beats by Dr. Dre.

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AKG Q4604. AKG Q460

The AKG Q460 is another lime colored pair of headphones from AKG. What makes this unit stand out, aside from the color, is its good build quality and the richness of its bass levels. It features 40mm drivers, swiveling ear cups, a foldable design, and dual detachable cables. This is also a Quincy Jones endorsed series of AKG headphones. The AKG Q460 is marketed as a direct competitor to the likes of Fanny Wang on Ears, Monster Beats Solo, and Bose Triport headphones. It costs more than $150 and comes bundled with a 6.3mm headphone jack adaptor and long and short detachable cables also lime in color.

The AKG Q460 headphones exert quite a strong pressure on the ears, even slightly stronger than that of the Fanny Wang on Ear set. However, using it is surprisingly comfortable mainly due to the ample amount and well-designed padding used on the ear cups. When it comes to sound quality, these headphones deliver something that can be described as aggressive. The mid-range tones sound like they’re very close to the ears. The bass levels are deep and powerful. Overall, the sound output does not sound so natural and is arguably uncharacteristic of something being endorsed by a Quincy Jones. It’s not a bad sound, though.

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AKG K5503. AKG K550

This unpretentious looking set of headphones from AKG offers a large soundstage. It features 50mm drivers with a 12-28,000 Hz frequency range. These are closed-back headphones that are relatively massive. The headband is massive and flat. The ear cups could even be larger than many people’s palms. It weighs 305 grams, around twice the weight of typical smartphones. If you’re using this, you are unlikely to be confident going around the city or riding on public transport with the funky looking headphones almost looking like an unusual hat on your head. Also, the cable is not removable and is somewhat too long to be used on the go.

However, what you get for all the bulk and weight is a solid build and huge soundstage. The AKG K550 is also surprisingly comfortable to wear. The padding on the ear cups is great. Passive noise cancellation is also great. Additionally, sound quality can be described as spacious, making for an engaging listening experience. The price is also worth noting. At around $388.00, the AKG K550 offers good bang for the buck. It is ideal for those who are looking for headphones that offer spacious and dimensional sound comparable to what open back headphones offer.

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AKG Q7012. AKG Q701

What you get with the AKG Q701 is a pair of headphones with excellent build quality, outstanding sound, and a comfortable fit. However, you will have to shell out some $420 to avail of this quite expensive unit. The AKG Q701 features a flat-wire voice coil technology and come with a leather headband. It is a stylish looking unit despite being made of plastic. It feels solidly built and has a build quality that is comparable to polycarbonate cans. The manufacturer claims that the unit’s arches are unbreakable. Also, the headband is self-adjusting and the ear cups are flexibly suspended. These make the Q701 really comfortable to wear, even after hours and hours of usage. Two removable cables come with the package and they are in lime and black colors, in 3-meter and 6-meter lengths respectively.

The AKG Q701 features an open back design so it offers great sound dimensions and realism. Expect great sound quality from this pair of headphones. It delivers distortion-free audio and produces an impressive amount of sound details. The accuracy of produced sounds is also topnotch. This is one of the best headphones around that can adequately compete with those of other leading companies.

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AKG K4511. AKG K451

The AKG K451 tops this list because of its great combination of price, sound quality, and comfort. At around $83, this pair of headphones offers powerful bass, excellent sound, a removable cable, as well as a good set of bundled accessories. The on-ear headphone design and 11-29,500 Hz frequency response range makes for a great listening experience. Moreover, wearing the AKG K451 wouldn’t be embarrassing. It comes with great design with the black body and silver accents. It veers away from the lime accents of other Quincy Jones endorsed headphones from AKG.

The AKG K451 tightly presses into the ears without being uncomfortable, thanks for the good amount of headband tension and the adequate padding on the ear cups and headband. This means a user will likely enjoy good amount of noise isolation. Additionally, the bouncy bass sound it produces makes everything sound more vibrant and easily drowns away ambient noise. This unit is far from perfect but given the price and the quality of sound it produces, it is something that can be easily recommended to those who are getting their first great quality headphones.

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