The 5 Best Headphones for Running

Running is a great exercise that could be made greater with the help of music. Thanks to advances in technology, headphones are now very light and comfortable-to-wear that they can serve as good running companions. Of course, not every headphone can be used while running. There are many factors to take into account in choosing a pair that will be suitable for running. The headphones featured below are some of the best options to consider.

RHA MA1505. RHA MA150

The RHA MA150 is an inexpensive pair of earphones that features plastic enclosures with rubber ear tips. At an average price of around $20, it is a good set worth buying. It is very comfortable to use. It delivers great low-end sound and an excellent mechanism for noise isolation, thanks to its distinctive aero phonic design. This design creates a seemingly natural transfer of audio from the speakers to the ears. Many would probably be surprised how good-sounding it is in relation to its price. This lightweight pair of earphones features a minimalistic design in a matte-black casing and a gold plated 3.5mm connector.

Just like other inexpensive earphones, the RHA MA150 is not without some flaws. For one, it does not come with built-in controls. The thin wires are prone to tangling. The company claims that the 1.2 meter Y-shaped cable comes with an anti-tangle slider but it does not appear to be very effective. Moreover, the upper midrange can sound harsh when driven to real high volumes. It’s not that bad, though, to negate the “bang for the buck” this pair of earphones offers.

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Sony XBA-S654. Sony XBA-S65

This pair of earphones offers high quality and distortion-free sounds without being pricey, as what many may expect in a Sony product. Priced at around $36, this great jogging or running companion is classified as a balanced armature sports headphone set offering a full range driver that delivers excellent audio performance. It also comes with a great build quality and is noticeably secure-fitting. Announced together with the Xperia Z smartphone of Sony during the CES 2013, this unit shares the same water-resistant quality of Sony’s flagship smartphone. It’s not only durable; it also withstands being soaked in perspiration and is logically washable.

There’s nothing to complain about audio quality. It delivers nice bass response most audiophiles will appreciate. However, runners or joggers may find the overall “punch” of the produced sound to be slightly weak to suit their desire for some emphatically strong beats that complement or motivate running action.

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Plantronics BackBeat Go3. Plantronics BackBeat Go

Lightweight and truly comfortable to wear, this wireless pair of earphones guarantees tangle-free use. It delivers excellent noise suppression and produces impressive midrange and high-end clarity. This featherweight running companion is impressively unobtrusive and even versatile. Through Bluetooth connectivity, it easily connects to various portable media players. It can even be used when answering phone calls. You don’t have to remove it from your ears while listening to music wirelessly streamed by your mobile phone and answering a call received on your mobile phone. As a wireless device, the BackBeat Go obviously comes with its own battery rechargeable via USB. The whole setup of charging and controlling the headphones is convenient. There is nothing negative to comment on ease of use.

Perhaps, the slight drawback of this excellent pair of earphones for running is the excessively soft ear buds. Because of this softness, it become quite difficult to fit the ear buds right. Also, there is some noticeable cable thump while running or even while walking. When it comes to the sound quality, the BackBeat Go is generally great although some may nitpick about having a somewhat thin bass response.

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Klipsch Image X7i2. Klipsch Image X7i

The Klipsch Image X7i is almost perfect that the main criticism that could possibly be hurled against it is the cable thumping. Fortunately, the unit comes with a shirt clip to address this. At an average price if $200, it is not a cheap pair of earphones to get. However, the list of advantages it offers is quite a number. The Klipsch Image X7i features a ceramic design that exudes elegance while assuring durability. It comes with convenient three control buttons. It is worth noting that this pair of headphones comes with inline microphone and remote to easily pair with mobile devices. The product package comes with a zip-up carrying pouch, an adapter useful for airline headphone jacks, and a total of five ear bud tips in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The patented ear buds of the Klipsch Image X7i guarantee comfortable use while delivering enhanced bass levels. Additionally, the full range balanced armature drivers can be expected to produce clear midrange and crisp high-end sounds. Some may notice instances when the earphones are about to produce distortions when playing music that feature heavy sub-bass sounds. However, these instances are rather a rarity and the drivers virtually never succumb to distortions.

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Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones1. Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones

This pair of earphones tops this list because it offers excellent audio quality and innovative design. In terms of sound quality, it offers rich bass response, excellent noise isolation, and an almost clinical sound associated with super-flat earphones. Audio performance is pleasing and natural-sounding. At an average price of $200, the quality offered by this set of earphones is a good catch. It is not exactly a cheap price but it is low enough for something that delivers a great combination of excellent audio quality, impressive lightness, and superbly secure-fitting design. The Bowers & Wilkins C5 earphones feature adjustable loops that firmly hold the headphones in place.

The Bowers & Wilkins C5 comes with a micro porous filter that serves as a sonic diffuser. This diffuser creates sounds that are impressively rich and expansive. As this diffuser performs its function, some sound may be projected outward. It can be annoying to others who may not like the type of music a user listens to. Also, it may be something some users would be apprehensive about. There are those who are just disinclined in sharing their playlists or tastes in music. This is a very minor drawback, though—if it can even be called a drawback.

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