Allosaurus facts – What kids need to know?

Kids today oath to learn the cool facts about Allosaurus.  There are many of them and they can be interesting indeed, that is for sure. This carnivore would always be big. Their teeth would always be sharp. These are always the Allosaurus facts written all over the place. This large dinosaur happened to exist 150 million years ago. This carnivore was big enough. There were evidences suggesting that they were responsible in attacking Stegosaurus. This was said to be heavier than the earlier mentioned dinosaur.

More facts about Allosaurus

This Allosaurus got to survive 150 million years ago, as mentioned. This occurred in that of the late period of the Jurassic era. Its name generally means Allosaurus. This symbolizes a different lizard. Basically, this was described by scientists who really want to learn what they really are about. One good example of which is Othniel Marsh, in the year 1877, he gave the dinosaur its name. This was also coupled with a direct description which was released in the same year too. These fossils, well at least most of them, lie always in the Morrison Formation.  There is a sedimentary rock which was just there in the western part of the United States. Needless to say, all of Allosaurus come with their large skull. The head and the body were then balanced enough. These were for heavy and long tail. Synonymous to that of Tyrannosaurs rex, Allosaurus also became famous because of the length of its arms.

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Most of the researches done suggest that the length of the Allosaurus, well average of it at least, measures for around 8.5 meters, and it also weighed 2.3 a ton. This Allosaurus was a certified carnivore. It means that it eats meat. It also features sharp, big teeth in which the edges are comparable to saws. They have always been an active predator. There is also visible evidence saying that they once have Stegosaurus attacked under attacked.

The skeleton of Allosaurus, well at least one of it, was found. This occurred in the year 1991. Almost 95% of such was retrieved. This was made possible because of Wyoming. This happened in the United States. It was given a nickname Big Al. The skeleton was used as an instrument for most scientists to have the dinosaur studied even more. Since then, many books featured the creature. It really turned out to be a popular one. The same is also true with films and documentaries all over. This was also included in the book of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the year 1912. The Lost World and then there was also series which was termed Walking with Dinosaurs.

Most of the studies conducted would say that Allosaurus is one of the first dinosaurs discovered. There are lots of fossils that would support such claim. This is the main reason why they are taken as the darling of most paleontologists. The same is also true with a ton of observers out there of amateur dinosaur. The theropod may have a lot to say on this. This is also one.

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