Best Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

Portable Bluetooth headphones represent the next evolution in headphone technology. If you have a compatible smartphone with Bluetooth, the obvious benefit is that you can get rid of the wires snaking from your backpack, purse, or pocket. Many of the models collected here also include track navigation features on the ear cup as well as a built in microphone for taking calls hands-free. However, keep in mind that Bluetooth sound quality still isn’t up to wired standards, so you’ll have to sacrifice fidelity for the convenience.

Parrot Zik1. Parrot Zik

Overall, I really liked the Zik headphones, though I do have some reservations. As I said, I thought the sound quality was excellent for Bluetooth headphones. I found the Ziks’ sound to be detailed and balanced, with a sound profile that will appeal to audiophiles. While the headphones are comfortable, they’re a bit heavy, and after longer listening sessions, you may come to find them less comfortable (I think they’re better for those with bigger heads).

My other concern is that these headphones don’t feel quite fully baked yet. This is more of software issue than a hardware one, but there are definitely some little kinks, call them bugs if you will, that need to be worked out. That said, I do expect the Ziks to improve with time and future firmware upgrades. That’s a bit of a strange thing to say about a pair of headphones, but when you have something like the Zik headphones, which incorporate so many digital enhancements and a companion app, you end talking about them like they’re a “smart” device rather than a simple set of speakers that you wear on your ears.

The big question, of course, is whether they’re worth $400. For most people they won’t be. But if you’re looking for a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones that sound really good, have an impressive design, and have some really nifty features (the touch controls in particular) that will make your friends envious, it’s easy to make a case for buying these. I just wish they included a better carrying case.

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Harman Kardon BT2. Harman Kardon BT

Harman Kardon BT headphones with Bluetooth offer more than a musical escape. They let you escape from wires. They employ AAC and apt-X coding for the highest quality wireless audio streaming and incorporate a built-in microphone and playback buttons on one of the ear-cups. It’s the tangle-free, hassle-free way to enjoy your music. The USB-rechargeable BTs have a battery that lasts up to 12 hours. And unlike other Bluetooth headphones, even when the battery dies, BT headphones will still work when connected by the supplied bypass cable to a playback device. They also feature a closed-back design that keeps outside noise out and keeps your listening experience for your ears only. Lightweight and comfortable, BT headphones let you take Beautiful Sound with you wherever you go.

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Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 + Charging Case (Black)3. Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 + Charging Case (Black)

Plantronics Backbeat GO 2 wireless ear buds and charging case deliver immersive audio for your non-stop life, so you can lose the cord, free your music, and still take that call. Designed to seal in the bass and block out the noise, you’ll quickly lose yourself in the soundtrack of your day. Whether you’re sweating out the stress or swaying to the beat, the military-grade moisture resistance protects against an intense workout or a coffee spill. If you tuck it away and forget to power it off, the Deep Sleep hibernation mode keeps ear buds charged and ready to use for up to six months. Unleash your music and GO.

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Bose AE2w Bluetooth Headphones (Black)4. Bose AE2w Bluetooth Headphones (Black)

AE2w Bluetooth headphones let you enjoy immersive Bose sound from your iPad-plus wireless freedom. Their around-ear fit stays comfortable for hours, and you can move around without being tethered to your iPad, Smartphone or other Bluetooth device. You can even connect simultaneously to two devices. Controls on the ear cup let you operate certain functions of the iPad directly from the headphones and switch to take a call on your phone. Headphones charge easily with the included USB cable, and LED and audio indicators provide power, battery life and Bluetooth connection status.

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Jabra Revo Wireless5. Jabra Revo Wireless

Revoo Wireless provides freedom of movement and clear sound quality that doesn’t skip a beat. Turntable Touch Controls on the headset allows you to easily play, skip or pause music and manage calls. For quick and easy pairing to your devices, tap your device to the headset turntable to pair with NFC and keep your tunes going with long playback. We partnered with Dolby to bring you Dolby Digital Plus via our Jabra Sound app, which provides a rich, full-spectrum sound that brings your device to life and adds extra depth and dimension to your music. Designed to be used and abused, Revo Wireless is solidly built with an aluminum frame, steel hinges, and a shatterproof headband for extreme flexibility. Drop, bend and fold-tested to the max to ensure it can take whatever life has in store. Revo Wireless provides long term comfort with a padded headband and plush, memory foam ear cups. It also features a foldable design for quick, compact storage and comes with a detachable cord and USB charging for convenience. No matter where you go or how you use it, you are sure to be satisfied.

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LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset6. LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset

The LG Tone™ (HBS-700) Wireless Stereo Headset brings you the high quality audio experience of stereo sound with the convenience of Bluetooth technology. Up to 10 hours of listening/talk time keeps you connected to your music and social life whenever you need it. With its unique form factor and sleek design, the LG Tone is an around-the-neck wearing style, ensuring you comfort throughout the day.

The magnetic ear phones snap into place in the stylish, streamlined memory flex neck strap for easy storage, and they pop out just as easily for comfortable wear. Music controls right on the neck strap mean you can leave your phone in your purse or backpack and still play, pause, rewind, or fast forward.

Wear it at work, while you are shopping, at the park walking your dog, lounging at home, or working out at the gym. Because it’s water resistant, you can work out as hard as you want without worrying about breaking a sweat.

You’ll never miss a message with LG’s free BT Reader app (Android OS), which lets the LG Tone read your incoming text messages in real time. A vibration will alert you of an incoming call and with the intuitive controls located on the neck strap, you can navigate phone calls and media easily without having to physically touch your handset. The LG Tone has multipoint capability, allowing you to stream music from your phone or computer and switch seamlessly to a call on your mobile device all from the neck band controls.

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MEElectronics Air-Fi AF327. MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32

MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with hidden microphone Free yourself from cables for a better user experience – control music playback of your smartphone or tablet and seamlessly take phone calls while still being able to stream high fidelity audio wirelessly with the MEElectronics AF32 headphone. A high quality built-in microphone and the great sound you have come to expect from MEElectronics make this the one wireless headphone you would actually want to buy. Features: A2DP stereo Bluetooth for music playback and use as a headset with the built-in mic, Conveniently located phone and music controls, Ultra-soft ear pads and adjustable headband for extended wearing comfort, Folds for convenient storage and comes with a travel bag, Rich and dynamic sound with enhanced deep bass and great clarity from the acoustically advanced, high efficiency 40mm driver, Convenient all-in-one design for simplicity and functionality, 3.5mm audio jack for wired use, Digital volume control, Talk handsfree on your phone, Voice dialing (if supported by your phone)

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JayBird Gear BlueBuds X8. JayBird Gear BlueBuds X

Bluebuds X have been designed and developed with every ideal in mind. Wireless Music+Calls coupled with Superior Audio Performance, a revolutionary 8 hour battery play time, Patented Secure Fit for Sports, Sweat Proof Nano coating locks moisture out, and the all new X-Fit, you have the option of lifting the cord off your neck for the perfect workout headphones. As the Official traning Headphone of USA Triathlon, you can be confident knowing you are selecting a trusted and proven sport headphone

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Nokia Purity Pro by Monster (Black)

9. Nokia Purity Pro by Monster (Black)

Sleek, well-designed and with soft ear cushions, the headset’s so comfortable to use you’ll almost forget you’ve got it on. No messing either. Just unfold and you’re instantly powered up and connected. With easy-to-reach controls, you’re in total command of sound and speech.

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10. Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freak (Blue)

Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freak (Blue)

Denon’s Exercise Freak in-ear headphones are the ultimate, super-lightweight, sweat proof, wireless fitness headphones that perform the way you do. Listen to your favorite music & answer calls without the inconvenience of cables getting in the way of your workout. These headphones have been tested by frequent exercisers and found to be the most comfortable and provide the most secure fit. Also Included: Mesh Carrying Case with Karabiner, Micro USB cable (for charging battery), and Anti-Microbial silicon ear tips (XS, S, M, L). Further enhance your workouts by downloading the Denon Sport application, available for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and Android smartphones.

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