The 5 Best Shure Headphones

Shure is no stranger to the audio electronics business but among other headphone manufacturers, it is one of the latecomers. Still, this American company is able to release excellent headphones worth considering. The company is considered as one of the most reliable manufacturers of earphones. If you are looking for great headphones that carry the Shure brand name, consider the top options briefly reviewed below:

Shure SE2155. Shure SE215

The Shure SE215 is a great set of earphones with powerful bass sounds that deliver notable thuds along with a wide soundstage and an excellent cable quality. What can be considered as a drawback for this nifty unit, though, is its treble. It does not deliver the most detailed treble levels. Nevertheless, there are more good than bad to say about this approximately $100-worth pair of earphones. It may not be cheap but it is an excellent piece of audio-producing device for its class.

The Shure SE215 comes with dynamic drivers along with its own carry case, detachable cables, a right angle jack, and six pairs of rubber tips. Overall, the unit is comfortable to wear and is arguably good looking. They just look like they want their users to wear them often. In terms of sound quality, the Shure SE215 delivers great sound although not necessarily one of the best among all other headphones. It produces busty low-end tones and a general consistency following the signature Shure sound. To some extent, it can even one-up the more expensive models of other companies.

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Shure SE5354. Shure SE535

The Shure SE535 is mainly a refresh of the earlier released SE530 earphones. The SE530 was already an excellent product on its own so imagining how better the “refresh” would be a little difficult. It somehow sounds unnecessary refreshing something that already outstandingly does what is expected of it. However, with the SE535, the changes or upgrades made are quite noteworthy enough for the existence of the new product to be justified. One of these upgrades is the design. The SE535 arguably looks better than its predecessor. It also comes with slightly “stiff and formable” wires near the driver units, which helps avoid wire tangling. Additionally, the wires are now replaceable.

When it comes to sound quality, the Shure SE535 offers great noise isolation and a balanced sound free from distortions or other audible imperfections. Bass levels are smooth while mid-range sound reproduction is adequately detailed no matter how loud the earphones are made to sound. However, his is not a significant improvement from the SE530. Disregarding the price, the SE530 is more commendable but without the price being considered, the Shure SE535 is something worth the purchase.

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Shure SE4253. Shure SE425

The Shure SE425 is fairly expensive. However, for the price you pay, you get a solidly built product that delivers excellent audio and has replaceable parts. The Shure SE425 is the successor of the SE420s released some three years ago. It carries all the good attributes of its predecessor including the excellent noise isolation and distortion free sound even at the highest possible volumes. The pair delivers great audio quality for whatever record thrown at it. The low-end tones can use some more power but this isn’t anything critical. Differences may be noticed by technical tests but not by the typical users of earphones.

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Shure SRH8402. Shure SRH840

Despite being large and heavy, the Shure SRH840 comes in second place because of its outstanding audio clarity and great value for the price. This pair of headphones only costs around $190.00 but it delivers excellent audio quality typically associated with more expensive high end headphones. It comes with a removable coiled cable, 40mm drivers, two pairs of pads, and a 6.3mm converter. The design looks typical and some would even consider it too bulky. The headband is considerably thick. Nevertheless, all this thickness makes for a comfortable fit although the coiled cable can be seriously cumbersome. Also, wearing something with such a very thick headband doesn’t really look sleek for many.

In terms of sound quality, the SRH840 delivers great noise insulation being a closed-back type. It is also notably produces clear sounds although some may not prefer the tendency to produce “bright” sounds. The bass levels, on the other hand, are great although somewhat laid-back. What stands out with the SRH840 is the warmth of the mid-range tones. All these make the unit great for leisure listening as well as for studio headphone use. Overall, this headphone set provides enjoyable sounds at a relatively inexpensive price.

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Shure SRH14401. Shure SRH1440

The SRH1440 tops this list for its great balance price, audio quality, comfort, and the removable cable. It features an open back design with 40mm neodymium drivers, which tend to produce slightly bright sounds. Some may find it too bulky but it actually is comfortable to wear. The turnoff part of wearing it may be on the side of aesthetics as not many may want to walk around the city with heads touting obvious speakers pointing to the sides, producing music that may not please some people in public.

Shure’s SRH1440 is marketed as a professional pair of headphones intended for those who want something they can rely on for critical listening and audio mastering. This means that the unit is comparable to those used by DJs, typically bass heavy and capable of producing a wide range of tones. The overall sound output of the SRH1440 can be described as intense, even capable of sounding out vocal textures in great detail. This pair of headphones indeed delivers what it is meant to deliver. It is classified as a mid-ranger but is great enough to come toe-to-toe against the higher priced headphones offered by competing companies.

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