The 5 Best Headphones Under 100

Headphones with great quality typically come with high price tags. Looking for those priced lower than $100 can be quite difficult. Nevertheless, great headphones that are cheaper than a hundred bucks do exist. You just have to take the time to look for them. The following great headphones below, with their respective short overviews and reviews, have been picked based on their overall quality and the perceived value they offer in relation to their prices

Sennheiser RS1205. Sennheiser RS120

Sennheiser is one of the top brands when it comes to headphones. This brand is known for great quality. The Sennheiser RS120, with an average price of $80, is one product that fortunately does not put the Sennheiser reputation down. Despite the price, it delivers great sound quality. It is an over-ear pair of wireless RF headphones that comes with a charging cradle. It is designed with great user experience in mind. Aside from delivering detailed and analytical sounds with strong bass response, this open back supra-aural pair of headphones offers the convenience of receiving signals through walls and ceilings. It is ideal for television use and hi-fi sound enjoyment.

The Sennheiser RS120 is lightweight and very comfortable to use. Even the controls are designed for intuitive operation. The transmitter that comes with the device also serves as a charging unit and can be mounted on the wall. Overall, this pair of headphones is adequately reliable. It even comes with an extensive two-year warranty, when bought directly from the manufacturer. Additionally, the ear pads or ear cups are replaceable.

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Sennheiser HD 202 II4. Sennheiser HD 202 II

Rest assured that this list does not particularly have any bias for the Sennheiser brand. The inclusion of another Sennheiser model is merely because the pair definitely deserves to be listed as one of the best options for headphones priced below $100. At an average price of $25, who would not be tempted to get this great professional set of closed-back supra-aural headphones? It is primarily intended for DJs and audio professionals. It comes with a 10-foot y-style cable and is rated to have an impedance of 32 Ohms and a frequency range of 18Hz+18kHz. Total harmonic distortion is estimated to be at less than 0.5%. Overall, the produced sound can be described as something very clean with a deep bass response. The deep bass response is made possible by the specially designed damping perforation in the drivers.

The Sennheiser HD 202 II offers great ambient noise attenuation along with excellent neodymium magnets and light diaphragms to be able to deliver impressive low bass levels. It works great when playing modern rhythm-driven music. Moreover, the ear cups can be detached from the headband for easy cleaning and maintenance. This pair of earphones also features a rugged outdoor design, along with a flexible headband.

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Sony MDR-ZX100 ZX Series3. Sony MDR-ZX100 ZX Series

The MDR-ZX100 ZX series from Sony is a lightweight and easy-to-use package. Its regular price is around $20, a steal for something that delivers high quality and powerful sound. It is a closed back supra-aural type of headphone that comes with 30mm drivers. The drivers feature multi-layer dome diaphragms that have neodymium magnets that enable the production of crisp and realistic sound quality over a wide frequency response range. It is primarily intended to be highly portable as evidenced by its light weight and foldable design. The MDR ZX100 is designed to be comfortable to use and easy to pair with various multimedia devices.

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Panasonic RPHJE120K2. Panasonic RPHJE120K

The Panasonic RPHJE120K is an in-ear headphone that comes with 9mm drivers having a 16 ohm/1kHz impedance rating and a 20Hz-20kHz frequency response range. It produces decent enough sounds even with the incredibly low $10 regular selling price. Overall, the Panasonic RPHJE120K can be described as a cheap, comfortable to use, and good-sounding enough pair of earphones. It features an “ergo-fit” design intended for ultimate comfort. It certainly isn’t the best-sounding headphone available but it is worth considering because of its ridiculously low price and unexpected durability. You can get the Panasonic RPHJE120K in a variety of colors that particularly match the iPod Nano 5th generation.

Compared to more expensive products like the $150 Beats headphones, the Panasonic RPHJE120K certainly does not deliver comparable audio quality. However, the difference is not as high as 10 times—not even 3 times. For the $10 to $150 price difference, it is safe to assume that the Panasonic RPHJE120K indeed provides great value for the price paid.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M301. Audio-Technica ATH-M30

The Audio-Technica ATH-M30 is a professional studio monitor closed-back pair of dynamic stereo headphones. Costing around $60 on average, this high quality unit is a great choice for home recording enthusiasts, musicians, and studio engineers. With 40mm drivers, the Audio-Technica ATH-M30 delivers excellent sound clarity and accuracy. The drivers have an impedance rating of 65 ohms, a copper-clad aluminum voice coil, and a frequency response range of 20Hz to 20KHz. It features a circumaural design that guarantees effective noise isolation. It also has an adjustable cushioned headband to ensure comfortable usage.

All in all, the Audio-Technica ATH-M30 offers an outstanding level of sound reproduction accuracy. Its price defies the common misconception that headphones have to be expensive to offer great quality. The ATH-M30’s design and technical specifications are worth more than its current price. It produces warm sounds with excellent bass levels, accurate treble, and smooth midrange. Sound clarity is also noteworthy. This professional-quality pair of headphones certainly deserves to be on top of this list.

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The 5 Best Headphones for Running

Running is a great exercise that could be made greater with the help of music. Thanks to advances in technology, headphones are now very light and comfortable-to-wear that they can serve as good running companions. Of course, not every headphone can be used while running. There are many factors to take into account in choosing a pair that will be suitable for running. The headphones featured below are some of the best options to consider.

RHA MA1505. RHA MA150

The RHA MA150 is an inexpensive pair of earphones that features plastic enclosures with rubber ear tips. At an average price of around $20, it is a good set worth buying. It is very comfortable to use. It delivers great low-end sound and an excellent mechanism for noise isolation, thanks to its distinctive aero phonic design. This design creates a seemingly natural transfer of audio from the speakers to the ears. Many would probably be surprised how good-sounding it is in relation to its price. This lightweight pair of earphones features a minimalistic design in a matte-black casing and a gold plated 3.5mm connector.

Just like other inexpensive earphones, the RHA MA150 is not without some flaws. For one, it does not come with built-in controls. The thin wires are prone to tangling. The company claims that the 1.2 meter Y-shaped cable comes with an anti-tangle slider but it does not appear to be very effective. Moreover, the upper midrange can sound harsh when driven to real high volumes. It’s not that bad, though, to negate the “bang for the buck” this pair of earphones offers.

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Sony XBA-S654. Sony XBA-S65

This pair of earphones offers high quality and distortion-free sounds without being pricey, as what many may expect in a Sony product. Priced at around $36, this great jogging or running companion is classified as a balanced armature sports headphone set offering a full range driver that delivers excellent audio performance. It also comes with a great build quality and is noticeably secure-fitting. Announced together with the Xperia Z smartphone of Sony during the CES 2013, this unit shares the same water-resistant quality of Sony’s flagship smartphone. It’s not only durable; it also withstands being soaked in perspiration and is logically washable.

There’s nothing to complain about audio quality. It delivers nice bass response most audiophiles will appreciate. However, runners or joggers may find the overall “punch” of the produced sound to be slightly weak to suit their desire for some emphatically strong beats that complement or motivate running action.

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Plantronics BackBeat Go3. Plantronics BackBeat Go

Lightweight and truly comfortable to wear, this wireless pair of earphones guarantees tangle-free use. It delivers excellent noise suppression and produces impressive midrange and high-end clarity. This featherweight running companion is impressively unobtrusive and even versatile. Through Bluetooth connectivity, it easily connects to various portable media players. It can even be used when answering phone calls. You don’t have to remove it from your ears while listening to music wirelessly streamed by your mobile phone and answering a call received on your mobile phone. As a wireless device, the BackBeat Go obviously comes with its own battery rechargeable via USB. The whole setup of charging and controlling the headphones is convenient. There is nothing negative to comment on ease of use.

Perhaps, the slight drawback of this excellent pair of earphones for running is the excessively soft ear buds. Because of this softness, it become quite difficult to fit the ear buds right. Also, there is some noticeable cable thump while running or even while walking. When it comes to the sound quality, the BackBeat Go is generally great although some may nitpick about having a somewhat thin bass response.

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Klipsch Image X7i2. Klipsch Image X7i

The Klipsch Image X7i is almost perfect that the main criticism that could possibly be hurled against it is the cable thumping. Fortunately, the unit comes with a shirt clip to address this. At an average price if $200, it is not a cheap pair of earphones to get. However, the list of advantages it offers is quite a number. The Klipsch Image X7i features a ceramic design that exudes elegance while assuring durability. It comes with convenient three control buttons. It is worth noting that this pair of headphones comes with inline microphone and remote to easily pair with mobile devices. The product package comes with a zip-up carrying pouch, an adapter useful for airline headphone jacks, and a total of five ear bud tips in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The patented ear buds of the Klipsch Image X7i guarantee comfortable use while delivering enhanced bass levels. Additionally, the full range balanced armature drivers can be expected to produce clear midrange and crisp high-end sounds. Some may notice instances when the earphones are about to produce distortions when playing music that feature heavy sub-bass sounds. However, these instances are rather a rarity and the drivers virtually never succumb to distortions.

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Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones1. Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones

This pair of earphones tops this list because it offers excellent audio quality and innovative design. In terms of sound quality, it offers rich bass response, excellent noise isolation, and an almost clinical sound associated with super-flat earphones. Audio performance is pleasing and natural-sounding. At an average price of $200, the quality offered by this set of earphones is a good catch. It is not exactly a cheap price but it is low enough for something that delivers a great combination of excellent audio quality, impressive lightness, and superbly secure-fitting design. The Bowers & Wilkins C5 earphones feature adjustable loops that firmly hold the headphones in place.

The Bowers & Wilkins C5 comes with a micro porous filter that serves as a sonic diffuser. This diffuser creates sounds that are impressively rich and expansive. As this diffuser performs its function, some sound may be projected outward. It can be annoying to others who may not like the type of music a user listens to. Also, it may be something some users would be apprehensive about. There are those who are just disinclined in sharing their playlists or tastes in music. This is a very minor drawback, though—if it can even be called a drawback.

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The 5 Best Shure Headphones

Shure is no stranger to the audio electronics business but among other headphone manufacturers, it is one of the latecomers. Still, this American company is able to release excellent headphones worth considering. The company is considered as one of the most reliable manufacturers of earphones. If you are looking for great headphones that carry the Shure brand name, consider the top options briefly reviewed below:

Shure SE2155. Shure SE215

The Shure SE215 is a great set of earphones with powerful bass sounds that deliver notable thuds along with a wide soundstage and an excellent cable quality. What can be considered as a drawback for this nifty unit, though, is its treble. It does not deliver the most detailed treble levels. Nevertheless, there are more good than bad to say about this approximately $100-worth pair of earphones. It may not be cheap but it is an excellent piece of audio-producing device for its class.

The Shure SE215 comes with dynamic drivers along with its own carry case, detachable cables, a right angle jack, and six pairs of rubber tips. Overall, the unit is comfortable to wear and is arguably good looking. They just look like they want their users to wear them often. In terms of sound quality, the Shure SE215 delivers great sound although not necessarily one of the best among all other headphones. It produces busty low-end tones and a general consistency following the signature Shure sound. To some extent, it can even one-up the more expensive models of other companies.

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Shure SE5354. Shure SE535

The Shure SE535 is mainly a refresh of the earlier released SE530 earphones. The SE530 was already an excellent product on its own so imagining how better the “refresh” would be a little difficult. It somehow sounds unnecessary refreshing something that already outstandingly does what is expected of it. However, with the SE535, the changes or upgrades made are quite noteworthy enough for the existence of the new product to be justified. One of these upgrades is the design. The SE535 arguably looks better than its predecessor. It also comes with slightly “stiff and formable” wires near the driver units, which helps avoid wire tangling. Additionally, the wires are now replaceable.

When it comes to sound quality, the Shure SE535 offers great noise isolation and a balanced sound free from distortions or other audible imperfections. Bass levels are smooth while mid-range sound reproduction is adequately detailed no matter how loud the earphones are made to sound. However, his is not a significant improvement from the SE530. Disregarding the price, the SE530 is more commendable but without the price being considered, the Shure SE535 is something worth the purchase.

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Shure SE4253. Shure SE425

The Shure SE425 is fairly expensive. However, for the price you pay, you get a solidly built product that delivers excellent audio and has replaceable parts. The Shure SE425 is the successor of the SE420s released some three years ago. It carries all the good attributes of its predecessor including the excellent noise isolation and distortion free sound even at the highest possible volumes. The pair delivers great audio quality for whatever record thrown at it. The low-end tones can use some more power but this isn’t anything critical. Differences may be noticed by technical tests but not by the typical users of earphones.

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Shure SRH8402. Shure SRH840

Despite being large and heavy, the Shure SRH840 comes in second place because of its outstanding audio clarity and great value for the price. This pair of headphones only costs around $190.00 but it delivers excellent audio quality typically associated with more expensive high end headphones. It comes with a removable coiled cable, 40mm drivers, two pairs of pads, and a 6.3mm converter. The design looks typical and some would even consider it too bulky. The headband is considerably thick. Nevertheless, all this thickness makes for a comfortable fit although the coiled cable can be seriously cumbersome. Also, wearing something with such a very thick headband doesn’t really look sleek for many.

In terms of sound quality, the SRH840 delivers great noise insulation being a closed-back type. It is also notably produces clear sounds although some may not prefer the tendency to produce “bright” sounds. The bass levels, on the other hand, are great although somewhat laid-back. What stands out with the SRH840 is the warmth of the mid-range tones. All these make the unit great for leisure listening as well as for studio headphone use. Overall, this headphone set provides enjoyable sounds at a relatively inexpensive price.

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Shure SRH14401. Shure SRH1440

The SRH1440 tops this list for its great balance price, audio quality, comfort, and the removable cable. It features an open back design with 40mm neodymium drivers, which tend to produce slightly bright sounds. Some may find it too bulky but it actually is comfortable to wear. The turnoff part of wearing it may be on the side of aesthetics as not many may want to walk around the city with heads touting obvious speakers pointing to the sides, producing music that may not please some people in public.

Shure’s SRH1440 is marketed as a professional pair of headphones intended for those who want something they can rely on for critical listening and audio mastering. This means that the unit is comparable to those used by DJs, typically bass heavy and capable of producing a wide range of tones. The overall sound output of the SRH1440 can be described as intense, even capable of sounding out vocal textures in great detail. This pair of headphones indeed delivers what it is meant to deliver. It is classified as a mid-ranger but is great enough to come toe-to-toe against the higher priced headphones offered by competing companies.

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The 5 Best AKG Headphones

AKG is one of the top brands when it comes to headphones. This American-owned, Austria-based manufacturer of audio electronics produces high specification headphones and is notable for introducing the world’s first supra-aural open-back headphones in 1959 called the K50. There are several professional recording studios that use AKG headphones for sound monitoring and playback. One of the company’s headphones, the K240 Monitor, prominently figured in the 1985 music video for “Party All the Time” by Eddie Murphy.

If you are looking for the best headphones manufactured by AKG, consider the following list as your guide. They are ranked based on their respective overall package, taking into account their quality, sound output, and value.

AKG Q3505. AKG Q350

The AKG Q350 line of earphones features an attractive lime-based color scheme. To some, they may seem gaudy buy they certainly are easily noticeable and striking. These earphones have notable beefy base and soundstage although some may complain about the unnatural treble sound. Also, the color and build quality seem to make the headphones feel cheap. The combination of some rubber and glossy plastic finish leave much to be desired. This nearly $80 unit seems to feel like a mere $20 device. Nevertheless, this “cheapness” is limited to the perception, though. The wires appear to be strong enough. It also helps that the AKG Q350 has the great Quincy Jones as its endorser; in the same manner other headphones have been associated with popular musicians like Dre for Beats by Dr. Dre.

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AKG Q4604. AKG Q460

The AKG Q460 is another lime colored pair of headphones from AKG. What makes this unit stand out, aside from the color, is its good build quality and the richness of its bass levels. It features 40mm drivers, swiveling ear cups, a foldable design, and dual detachable cables. This is also a Quincy Jones endorsed series of AKG headphones. The AKG Q460 is marketed as a direct competitor to the likes of Fanny Wang on Ears, Monster Beats Solo, and Bose Triport headphones. It costs more than $150 and comes bundled with a 6.3mm headphone jack adaptor and long and short detachable cables also lime in color.

The AKG Q460 headphones exert quite a strong pressure on the ears, even slightly stronger than that of the Fanny Wang on Ear set. However, using it is surprisingly comfortable mainly due to the ample amount and well-designed padding used on the ear cups. When it comes to sound quality, these headphones deliver something that can be described as aggressive. The mid-range tones sound like they’re very close to the ears. The bass levels are deep and powerful. Overall, the sound output does not sound so natural and is arguably uncharacteristic of something being endorsed by a Quincy Jones. It’s not a bad sound, though.

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AKG K5503. AKG K550

This unpretentious looking set of headphones from AKG offers a large soundstage. It features 50mm drivers with a 12-28,000 Hz frequency range. These are closed-back headphones that are relatively massive. The headband is massive and flat. The ear cups could even be larger than many people’s palms. It weighs 305 grams, around twice the weight of typical smartphones. If you’re using this, you are unlikely to be confident going around the city or riding on public transport with the funky looking headphones almost looking like an unusual hat on your head. Also, the cable is not removable and is somewhat too long to be used on the go.

However, what you get for all the bulk and weight is a solid build and huge soundstage. The AKG K550 is also surprisingly comfortable to wear. The padding on the ear cups is great. Passive noise cancellation is also great. Additionally, sound quality can be described as spacious, making for an engaging listening experience. The price is also worth noting. At around $388.00, the AKG K550 offers good bang for the buck. It is ideal for those who are looking for headphones that offer spacious and dimensional sound comparable to what open back headphones offer.

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AKG Q7012. AKG Q701

What you get with the AKG Q701 is a pair of headphones with excellent build quality, outstanding sound, and a comfortable fit. However, you will have to shell out some $420 to avail of this quite expensive unit. The AKG Q701 features a flat-wire voice coil technology and come with a leather headband. It is a stylish looking unit despite being made of plastic. It feels solidly built and has a build quality that is comparable to polycarbonate cans. The manufacturer claims that the unit’s arches are unbreakable. Also, the headband is self-adjusting and the ear cups are flexibly suspended. These make the Q701 really comfortable to wear, even after hours and hours of usage. Two removable cables come with the package and they are in lime and black colors, in 3-meter and 6-meter lengths respectively.

The AKG Q701 features an open back design so it offers great sound dimensions and realism. Expect great sound quality from this pair of headphones. It delivers distortion-free audio and produces an impressive amount of sound details. The accuracy of produced sounds is also topnotch. This is one of the best headphones around that can adequately compete with those of other leading companies.

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AKG K4511. AKG K451

The AKG K451 tops this list because of its great combination of price, sound quality, and comfort. At around $83, this pair of headphones offers powerful bass, excellent sound, a removable cable, as well as a good set of bundled accessories. The on-ear headphone design and 11-29,500 Hz frequency response range makes for a great listening experience. Moreover, wearing the AKG K451 wouldn’t be embarrassing. It comes with great design with the black body and silver accents. It veers away from the lime accents of other Quincy Jones endorsed headphones from AKG.

The AKG K451 tightly presses into the ears without being uncomfortable, thanks for the good amount of headband tension and the adequate padding on the ear cups and headband. This means a user will likely enjoy good amount of noise isolation. Additionally, the bouncy bass sound it produces makes everything sound more vibrant and easily drowns away ambient noise. This unit is far from perfect but given the price and the quality of sound it produces, it is something that can be easily recommended to those who are getting their first great quality headphones.

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The 5 Best Wireless Headphones for TV and Game Consoles

Home life is now getting more and more complicated, despite how relatively easy daily tasks are getting. Even though you have some of the best entertainment systems out there, there is always a way to make that experience even better. This is why there have been so many companies that have stuck their claim for dominance in the wireless headphones market. The aim has always been to make a device so that it can support all possible formats. This includes you television, PC, tablet, and even your gaming consoles. Of course, like most other high tier equipment, some of the gear on offer can be a little pricey, so here are some of the best headphones you should look into when it comes to price to performance ratio.

Razer Kraken Pro5. Razer Kraken Pro

This is probably one of the best deals you can get in terms of gaming headphones. You see, the Razer company has built quite a reputation among gamers as a provider of high tier accessories. Of course, this violates the title a bit because this pair only allows wired connections, but at the same, the sacrifice is perfectly justified. The pair features great sound output and covers almost all ranges. From bass to treble, you can expect these headphones to perform awesomely regardless of what you put it through. At the same time, the microphone cuts clear and concisely, so your message you send will always be sent out with very little distortion. In terms of features, don’t expect much, but performance wise, the $80 price tag is completely justified.

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Bose AE2w4. Bose AE2w

Bose is another company that hasn’t been given enough love when it comes to sound quality and well designed headsets. The AE2w is one of the wireless headsets that demands a little more money that the usual fare, but at the same time $250 for this set is completely justified. The best feature the Bose boasts is the incredible comfort you get out of them. The headband is nicely padded so that it fits right on top of your head with no problem. It’s also adjustable, so it can almost fit all head sizes and each pad is made of foam, so your ears don’t suffer. The output rivals some of the top Sennheisser models out there, and the performance never changes as long as you stay within the designated distance.

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Sony Pulse Wireless Headset Elite Edition3. Sony Pulse Wireless Headset Elite Edition

Okay, the first warning you’re going to need is that this pair works best for Sony products. If you’re a huge Sony fan, then you should definitely have these headphones in your accessory library. The Pulse series has always been aimed at the people who love high quality sound without sacrificing function. It’s sort of unfortunate that this set works better with a certain line, because they outperform some of the more expensive sound devices out there. At the same time, these titans are very comfy and cover your head quite snugly without feeling too heavy. As expected of Sony, the sound is awesome, and performs admirably within the price bracket this device is located in. The Elite Edition also comes with a small mic, which is hidden but picks up sound very well. Again, Sony fanatics will surely get a kick of these headphones and they are priced at exactly $150.

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Parrot Zik2. Parrot Zik

There’s only one reason this pair isn’t taking the top slot on this list, and it’s mostly because it costs $370. If money isn’t an issue, then you should definitely pick up this pair because it provides top tier quality across all platforms. Featuring a huge and booming bass, along with beautifully done surround sound. These headphones were created for the listener with massive expectations out of their sound systems, and the Zik does not fail in any respect whatsoever. There’s also a lot of comfort to be had with these things as the padded cups are perfectly symmetrical with the rest of the headpiece. Lastly, it feels sturdy as a rock, but the price is what draws the line in the sand.

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Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Wrath1. Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Wrath

So what pair of headphones remain solidly affordable while providing a high quality listening experience? Well, Creative has been around for such a long time and has given the PC crowd so much in terms of sound devices, but now they have another gift to gamers. The Tactics3D Wrath provides almost the same sound quality as the Zik, but at the same time, it also offers a much better experience for cinema. The output sounds exactly like theater quality work and at the same time, the switch between devices is almost seamless. At the same time, the setup is pretty simple and very appealing to those that like that style. It has a USB receiver and an old school mic sticking out of the headset. The best part about the Tactics3D Wrath is that they are priced at around $150, so you won’t have to break the back just to get a pair.

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The 5 Best Wireless Headphones

While there are a lot of headphones out there that feature awesome and crisp sound, in this digital age, there are a lot of different devices that you’d rather be out and about with. These devices are often the ones that provide you with the most entertainment like a huge screen nestled a bit farther than usual, or a PC that you need to sit a distance away to enjoy. This has always been a point of compromise between high quality and comfort. Since wireless was invented, the line began widening and started making it harder to keep quality and performance in balance. Of course, you can’t expect to buy just any set and find the best experience possible. You have to find the set that will really cater to your needs, so in this respect, here are some of the best headphones money can buy.

Logitech UE 90005. Logitech UE 9000

Logitech always straddles the line between great gear, and sub-par stuff that you really wouldn’t to use. Of course, as of late, they’ve getting better at making different parts for different things. The UE 9000 is a huge step forward for the company, and it features a lot of awesome aspects that make using the behemoth pretty fun. You can expect a high quality of sound output from these monsters, albeit, not as high quality as its wired and dedicated compatriots. Of course, there is also the option sticking the wire back into the thing. Overall though, the $500 price tag might make you want to rethink your decision of buying this pair. Think about it before you throw your hard earned cash into this set.

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Plantronics BackBeat Go 24. Plantronics BackBeat Go 2

If you’re into really mobile and compact headphones or earbuds, there are a lot of different devices you can turn to. However, they don’t offer some of the features that the BackBeat Go 2 offers by default. First off, this pair is obviously designed for runners, as it is virtually sweat proof and is really light on the pocket. The sound output you get might not be on par with higher class earbuds, but at the same time, they aren’t anywhere near bad. The inclusion of the charging case is also a plus as you can keep these bad boys charged up anywhere. The price might seem a little like this is a deal which is too good to be true, to keep note that the battery only lasts around 5 hours.

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Sennheiser MM1003. Sennheiser MM100

Leave it to Sennheiser to jump into new niches within sound gear. If you’ve never heard about the brand, then you’ve been missing out on some of the best, but most expensive, audio devices ever. The MM100 is one of the company’s budgeted forays into wireless headphones, and it does a respectable job. The quality of sound you get out of these little wonders is great, and often rivals its wireless compatriots. It fits snugly around your ears, and never feels like it’ll annoy you. Of course, since this is a Bluetooth device, you can expect that there can be issues with transmitting the sound. At the same time, the battery will probably only last you 6 hours at full blast. Quite a steal for $150 considering the company creates some of the priciest gear out there.

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Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freak2. Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freak

This is another model for people who need to be on the go at all times. It looks big, clunky, but at the same time, provides some pretty awesome quality for long distance runners. First off, the battery lasts a little longer than most other Bluetooth headsets and it’s sweat proof. The trade off is that the size of the device truly wasn’t made with the “one size fits all” philosophy. You might find that these things don’t fit you as well as other brands. However the sound is good enough to make up for any issues that it already has, and you can expect a sturdy pair of running earphones, which is well worth the $130 you’re going to spend on it.

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Harman Kardon BT1. Harman/Kardon BT

If you’re in the market for pricey headgear, but you’re not really feeling Sennheiser, then there are quite a few alternatives that you can turn. However, none of those alternatives match up to the Harman/Kardon BT headset. You see, most wireless devices often have to sacrifice sound quality, but only Sennheisers and this model have managed to breach that border. Featuring a unique and boxy design that folds into a neat little package, the BTs has a lot to offer the wireless crowd. It outputs incredible sound, can be used against multiple platforms, and lasts a very long time in terms of battery life. While the basic package doesn’t include a case for easy movement, it folds so compactly that it will probably fit into an extra large pocket quite easily. So far, the $250 tag is well justified with this unique pair of headphones, and you should really buy it if you have cash to spare.

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The 5 Best Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser is considered one of the premier sound device producers to ever grace the earth, but at the same time, they are probably going to rip your budget up to shreds. Of course, there are a lot of people, both on the professional side and the mainstream crowd that don’t like the way the company prices their gear. However, there is a reason why Sennheiser garners a lot of respect from both sides of the fence, and usually, that reason comes with comfort, awesome bass and balanced sound quality. If you’re in the market for a pair, but you’re still considering that price to performance ratio, then maybe you should be considering a list of the best items from their catalog. Here are some of the top performing headphones that the big company has on offer.

Sennheiser HD 7005. Sennheiser HD 700

The first thing you’ll notice with the HD 700 is that they are huge, sound blocking monsters that will really make your head spin. The first reason for that is because they have a massive range of sound, which has almost no weaknesses. In fact, if you’re one of the people that likes to tweak their sound through an equalizer, you might be disappointed because there’s no point when you grab these headphones. While this pair performs admirably on many different devices, it benefits best from a computer equipped with an HD audio output, or something along the same lines. The second reason your head will spin is because these things cost nigh on $1,000.

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Sennheiser HD 8004. Sennheiser HD 800

This pair of huge headphones is basically an upgrade on the HD 700, and at the same time, it is also in a league of its own. If you enjoy listening to titanic .flac audio files, lossless formats, or tracks that are around 320kbps sound rate, these are definitely the pair for you. They provide an accurate and highly clear sound, which allows you to hear tones and instruments you may never had picked up on your different tracks. Your viewing experience, both while playing games or watching movies, is also inevitably enhanced through the use of a quality surround sound support. However, these upgraded headphones also come with an upgraded price tag. You’ll have to top your previous budget by $500 just to afford these monsters.

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Sennheiser HD 5983. Sennheiser HD 598

The HD 598 is a bit of a backtrack because it is one of the older models Sennheiser has on offer. At the same time, it has stood the test of time and is actually sort of superior to the first two entries on this list. First off, this pair is much lighter than that of the HD 700 and 800 models, which means it’ll be easier to move around in them. At the same time, the sleek design and look is complemented by unparalleled comfort. It features a nice padding all around the upper ring of the pair, and the buds fit snugly and safely around your head. The sound quality still rivals some of the newer models in many respects. It features a well balanced sound, and never needs to choose or sacrifice between treble and bass. These features make the HD 598 a powerhouse in the Sennheiser line. At the same time, they are massively cheaper than most new headphones on the market today. They come in at around $250, so your wallet won’t be as stretched out.

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Sennheiser Amperior2. Sennheiser Amperior

While a lot of the Sennheiser share a common physical quality (They are all most huge), there are some that stick out because of a unique look. The Amperiors are pretty sweet looking, in that they are made for traveling, but at the same time, still support the high quality jacks professionals have come to respect. These are a pair of headphones that you can take around town, but will also provide unrivaled sound output. At the same time, they also have a few unique physical qualities like a foamed up headset and pads that boast the same. At the relatively cheaper price of $300-$350, the Amperior is definitely one pair you should consider when you shop.

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Sennheiser Momentum1. Sennheiser Momentum

Much like the Amperior model, this pair doesn’t follow along with the standard Sennheiser look. They’re a lot smaller, and look like they belong to a mobile user. At the same time, the Momentum also gives a lot of attention to look and finish. Boasting an almost all leather surface, with sleek and dark coloring, and coupled with a start silver metal headband, you’re definitely going to get noticed with this pair on. The range is what you would come to expect from this company, but at the same time, the Momentum gets the top slot because it sacrifices neither look nor sound. The pair is priced at around $300, so you should definitely pick this pair up if you’re constantly on the move.

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The 5 Best Earbuds Headphones

There are many different kinds of earphones out there, and at the same time, many different companies that create quality sound gear. Of course, in all the ruckus and chaos, sometimes it’s really hard to cut through the stuff you don’t want just to find the gear you really need. However, sometimes you might confuse some of the gear you need in favor of much flashier products, so when that happens, you might end up on the bad end of a deal. This goes double for bud type earphones because if you pick the wrong one, you’ll be stuck with an uncomfortable experience. Buds go right in your ear, so it is very important that you get a quality pair that will fit you, or at least provide a snug and good feeling experience.

Panasonic ErgoFit RP5. Panasonic ErgoFit RP

Panasonic is very well known for making some quality gear. Their DVD players and other electronics are often considered of a very good quality regardless of their inexpensive nature. This is the same with how they make their earbuds, because this model is cheap and very effective. Clocking in at around $10 for each pair, you will be surprised at the level of quality you get out of these headphones. The sound is clear enough, and if you like to play around with your equalizer, you can enhance or play down any sound you might want to hear out of these little marvels.

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iLuv City Lights4. iLuv City Lights

While this pair of earbuds isn’t really going to impress in terms of good looks, it does provide something in line with the first entry. This pair is great for those that like quality sound, a secure and comfortable feel, and ultimately, are affordable. At around $7, this pair beats out a lot of other buds on the simple principle that they are relatively cheap while providing some good sound quality. However, beyond that, you shouldn’t expect much more out of this pair because they don’t support a mic feature and is a really basic pair of buds.

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Klipsch S4i Rugged3. Klipsch S4i Rugged

There are a lot of times when you find yourself annoyed at your earphones because they keep slipping out while you’re taking a run. Since this is a bit of a niche that companies try to target, there have been many attempts at making answering that need with a great pair of buds. The S4i Rugged is one of the Klipsh’s attempts at catering to the exercise crowd, and it’s a good one. Providing gorgeous sound along with Apple supporting mic and remote, this pair is indeed a runner’s delight. While it does have to sacrifice some of the bass power, the buds are great for general everyday use and for the anyone wanting to do some vigorous exercise. Be warned though, these things cost around $85 dollars in most online merchant sites.

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Klipsch Image S4a Android2. Klipsch Image S4a Android

While diverse OSs are always a welcome feature in many different devices, they do pose one annoying problem. In this case, the Klipsch company has gone to great lengths to cater to different phone users. The S4a android, however, is a great example of how dedicated the company is to catering to many different users. The pair provides beautiful output in the form of fully fleshed sound . It balances between bass and treble very well, but at the same time, it plays acoustic sets with more intimate sounds fantastically. The downside here is that it costs around $60, is a bit rare, and doesn’t really work with older android machines, so be warned.

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JVC Gumy Plus1. JVC Gumy Plus

The last entry in this list of budget buds, the Gumy Plus is another surprising little powerhouse that offers a lot of sound quality without you having to spend too much. At around $3 in current online prices, this pair offers clear thumping base along with some strong levels of volume. However, since budget buds have to sacrifice sound in one way or the other, this pair has to give up a bit of treble. So if you’re into huge rock tracks that need that screeching guitar sounds, you might want to look around somewhere else.

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Sony XBA 4Honorable Mention: Sony XBA 4

There’s a reason why the XBA 4 isn’t mentioned on this list. Actually, there are around 250 reasons why this pair doesn’t grab a top slot. However, if you have a lot of money to blow, and really enjoy a crisp listening experience without any sacrifice on any level, this is probably going to be the best pair you’ll ever find. However, be forewarned that most earphones can be a little flimsy in terms of design, and can often fray faster than headphones. So make sure to look at all your possible options before making an investments in some of these monsters.

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5 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancellation is a feature many headphones integrate to minimize or get rid of undesirable ambient sounds. This could be an active or passive form of noise cancellation. Headphone users seek this feature to prevent external noises from drowning the audio produced by the headphones and to avoid having to crank up volumes to their maximum levels. Generally, the best noise cancelling headphones are those that feature closed-back designs and those that are used in-ear. The list below features the 5 best noise cancelling headphones available in the market. They are ranked solely according to their noise suppression effectiveness and overall sound quality, disregarding other factors such as price, type, and design.

Soul by Ludacris SL3005. Soul by Ludacris SL300

This pair of headphones features advanced driver and circuitry design to produce precision audio balance, excellent bass, and clarity in the midrange and high-range sounds. It claims to offer superior over-ear fit through its specially designed ear cups. However, all the effort of delivering better audio performance can be offset by unwanted ambient noise—something that the SL300 tries to address with its excellent active noise cancelling technology. The manufacturer’s claims of excellent audio quality could be arguable but the noise cancellation result offered by this pair of headphones is definitely great, especially as it incorporates boosted sound equalization. For an average price of $108, the Soul by Ludacris SL300 is a good buy for those who are looking for headphones with good design and an effective active noise cancellation mechanism.

Other features of the Soul by Ludacris SL300 are its replaceable flat tangle-free audio cable, folding design, dynamic drivers that use neodymium magnets, a gold-plated 3.5mm connector, and compatibility with most smartphones and multimedia devices.

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Bose QuietComfort 34. Bose QuietComfort 3

The Bose QuietComfort 3 pair of headphones is a successor to the QuietComfort 2 that comes in a smaller and more compact body. Although more expensive (around $310), this unit remarkably delivers great audio quality while maintaining the impressive noise cancelling results associated with its predecessor. Its package comes with 2 audio cables and a travel case.

This high-performing pair of headphones from Bose offers rich and detailed audio highlights made more enjoyable by its effective noise reduction technology and excellent ear cup design. The ear cups provide great passive noise reduction without compromising comfort. Other headphones have the tendency to exert excessive pressure on the ears to maintain adequate passive noise reduction. With the QuietComfort 3, the soft leather pads used do a great job without becoming uncomfortable although some heating in the ears can be eventually observed over long periods of use. In terms of active noise cancelling, the QuietComfort 3 features a proprietary noise cancelling circuitry built into the headphones, not something attached to the cord. Overall, this pair of headphones delivers what it promises to deliver, albeit at a quite off-putting price.

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Bose QuietComfort 153. Bose QuietComfort 15

Listing another pair of Bose headphones on this list is not a matter of favoritism but an acknowledgment of performance. The Bose QuietComfort 15 acoustic noise cancelling headphones definitely deserves a spot here for a number of reasons. First, it is less expensive than the Bose QuietComfort 3. Second, its noise cancelling results are even better than that of the more expensive QuietComfort 3. Even with just passive noise cancellation, the QuietComfort 15 already does a great job eliminating ambient noise. Things get better with the active noise cancellation mechanisms engaged. The QuietComfort 15 makes use of noise-cancelling microphones located inside and outside of the ear cups, for enhanced effectiveness.

This pair of headphones definitely excels in delivering noise-free music listening. However, some may find the active noise reduction method too aggressive. It is possible to sense the pressure exerted by the headphones on the eardrums. With the QuietComfort 15’s active noise cancellation kicking in, some users may not find using this pair of headphones that comfortable anymore. The noise-cancelling sound frequencies emitted by the headphones can be distracting to some users with very sensitive ears. Nevertheless, it certainly delivers the kind of noise isolation it claims to offer.

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PSB M4U 22. PSB M4U 2

The PSB M4U 2 is a rather pricey pair of noise-cancelling headphones. It is a closed-back type with an adjustable headband that may be a little thick for some users. This product features an in-line push-to-hear monitor control that can temporarily stop the active noise-cancelling feature so a user can determine whether it helps using noise cancellation or the listening situation does not necessitate it. The PSB M4U 2 comes with a tri-mode operation: active listening, passive listening, and active listening with noise cancellation. The active listening mode uses a built-in amplifier to produce more powerful and precise sounds. The passive listening mode does not make use of the amplifier and solely relies on the signals delivered by the audio source. The active listening with noise cancellation mode, on the other hand, engages the noise cancelling circuitry without using the integrated amplifier and batteries of the headphones.

The results of the noise-cancelling circuitry of the PSB M4U 2 are excellent. Together with the passive noise reduction offered by the design of the ear cups, this pair of headphones effectively gets rid of air conditioner noises, loud traffic sounds, and occasional thumps and roars in the environment, among various other ambient noises. Of course, the PSB M4U 2 cannot completely mute away louder noises but it can effectively tone them down to tolerable levels.

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Harman Kardon NC1. Harman Kardon NC

Although quite pricey, this quirky-looking pair of headphones delivers one of the best noise cancellation results. It offers a slightly better audio performance compared to the Bose QuietComfort 15. It comes with a long-lasting built-in rechargeable battery that supplies the power needed to run the noise-cancellation circuitry. The Harman Kardon NC uses the proprietary Harman closed-loop active digital noise cancellation technology particularly designed for acoustic installations in luxury cars. This pair of headphones delivers active noise cancelling that does not sound like active noise cancelling. Most users are unlikely to detect loss of clarity in the music or audio played. It is quite common for noise-cancelling headphones to have issues with sound clarity as active noise cancellation sets to work. With the Harman Kardon NC, though, listening to music can really feel enjoyable as the noise-cancelling frequencies released by the headphones seem to be precisely configured.

At a $300 price tag, the Harman Kardon NC is certainly not a cheap product. However, it is significantly cheaper than the equally performing PSB M4U 2. Those who are looking for excellent noise-cancelling headphones are bound to be impressed. The overall audio performance from this product is somewhat subdued but in exchange, it delivers consistent clarity and impressive noise isolation.

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5 Best In Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones, which can be called simply as in-ears, earbuds or inter aurals, can be described as small earbuds that are commonly used as an accessory of mobile gadgets today. A nice pair of earbuds is able to take tunes to a higher level for a comparatively low spend. When you purchase any gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, these earbuds are usually bundled and issued as a freebie headphone. However there are higher-performance in ear headphones that can provide sonic performance capable of rivaling full-size line mates. The small earpieces of this accessory rest on the outer ear while some are used by inserting to the ear canal. These kinds of headphones are lightweight and ultra-compact and hence, they are the most portable type providing superb isolation from the noise externally especially if paired with well-fitted tip.

Almost all of the in-ear headphones features in-line remote for adjusting the volume, hands-free calling and even changing the music tracks. In addition, most of the headphones come with a choice of tips – enabling the users to know the right comfort level for them. It also provides great sound quality as well as noise isolation. Here are some of the best in ear headphones in the market today.

a-JAYS One+1. a-JAYS One+

One of the problems of people using headphones is tangling earphones. To address this problem, a Swedish design created the flat cables resulting to the birth of “a-JAYS One+”. This earphone comes in great value with hands-free options that can be used with most gadgets. This earphone comes with an L-shaped jack with 3.5 mm cable length with adjustable volume setting with button for answering the phone calls. The music or tunes are handled well above the sounding bass-heavy, price-point, well-rounded, noise isolation and detailed design. In terms of design, this earphone can spring back to the original shape and is easier to maneuver and of course, they provide comfort to the ears.

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SoundMagic E10M2. SoundMagic E10M

The SoundMagic E10M earphones provides great isolation and is one of the most balanced landscapes of sounds in its price range. When it comes to its design and style, it is rich in details. It has nuanced earphones with the powerful sound that is heavy with bass. The tip of this earphone can create great seal against the external noise although the utilization of the metallic drivers can have cold feel when you don it first thing in the morning. The packaging of this earphone consists of no less than six tips to choose from with storage in the form of posh drawstring bag. It features a splitter and in-line remote and works for most of the gadgets.

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Sennheiser MM 30i3. Sennheiser MM 30i

This earphone from Sennheiser comes in the “shrunken” 3.5 mm jack and has super-slim kind of cable. Nevertheless, this design provides users with a sound larger than what you expect from it. This model is mainly low-frequency, making it a nice option for thrifty users. The in-line remote feature can serve to adjust the volume as well as the button for answering phone calls, but this last feature works with Apple products such as iPads and iPhones. In the package of this in ear headphones, there are three pairs of tips that users can interchange to get the comfort they are looking for while listening to their tunes.

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Klipsch Image S5i Rugged4. Klipsch Image S5i Rugged

It is a fact that typical earphones will experience wear and tear with regular or everyday use. The Klipsch, the maker of this earphone, came up with model called the S5i Rugged. This is a well-built earphones created for daily use. One of the nice features of this model is that it is rain-proof. It provides excellent sound quality for both music and podcasts. It has an easy to use in-line remote with the right button symbols and hence, users do not have to look down in changing their tunes. In addition, comfort is also included in this earphone together with its ruggedness.

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Etymotic Research HF55. Etymotic Research HF5

This Etymotic Research HF5 in ear headphones are a hybrid of low and high end earphones being a mid-price-range model providing high sound quality with excellent noise isolation capability. However, these earphones lack the in-line remote or controls and the hands-free features, but the makers recompense that with its performance such as expansive sounds and cracking bass. It comes in well-built design and made with metallic design with comfortable tips giving excellent noise isolation capability for this model.

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